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  • What food style suits – it all sounds so delicious?

    This is a tricky one. There are benefits to every food style we deliver. We recommend thinking about WHAT you as a couple like. Do you like to sit down to beautifully plated dinners? Do you have a big wedding and what to mix and mingle all night? What would make your guests' jaws drop? Do you love burgers and want to eat one in your wedding dress? (True Story!) Do you want to have formal speech giving? Do you love eating family style?

    The best thing to do is have a chat with Kim about what you like, we can then develop and shape an offer that works for you and your vision of your day.

  • My family own a farm, can we source our own protein?

    Unfortunately, no, we have extremely strict food hygiene plans that we must adhere too.

  • What alcohol quantities do I need?

    There are a few factors to consider, the age of the guests and their drinking habits!

    As a quick guide we suggest 12 beers/bloke and 1 bottle of wine/person.

  • What is best – Marquee or Venue?

    We love both.

    Marquees can really allow your creative side to shine, you can craft your dream day and pinterest to your heart’s content. But there are lots of things to consider and think about, like access, will the dance floor be ok if it pours with rain, are there any neighbours that may complain about noise…the list goes on. A lot of this can be easily navigated by a site that has held marquee weddings before, utilising the services of a wedding planner or the talented team at Moreish.

    Venues take a bit of time and energy upfronting, the visiting of different locations, the narrowing of options… But once booked, then you can relax a bit. Certainly, down in Central, many of these venues have been designed to make the most of the natural surroundings. Often relationships are in place with great vendors, helping ease the sourcing of any additional requirements and no need to worry about wet weather or dodgy toilet facilities.

  • What does a dry hire mean?

    A dry hire refers to a hire that only provides the use of the space. This means you are responsible for arranging everything else, from catering, to lighting, tables, chairs and sometimes even bathroom facilities.

    Dry hires can be amazing, as you are completely in control of what everything looks like, you get to create everything from scratch. It also means that you can (usually) use whatever vendors you like rather than be stuck with choosing from a specific list.

    It can be stressful, but there are several different ways to help you manage that stress and workload, whether that is by using a planner or utilising the expertise of your other vendors – like ourselves.

  • Who organises hire equipment?

    That depends, some people work with a wedding planner to coordinate this, others enlist a family member to help, others do it themselves, and Moreish Kitchen can also do this for you which will help to eliminate any stress and if for some reason something doesn't arrive we can help to make it right!

  • How many glasses do I need?

    Again, this is largely dependent on venue, style of food and whether there are dishwashing facilities available. Trust us, there is nothing worse than scrambling around at the end of the night to find a clean glass to drink out of. And it’s simply wrong to have to drink bubbles from a tumbler because not enough champagne flutes have been arranged.

    We can provide individual guidance on this based on your venue and your needs. We are more than happy to organise this as we tend to hire other things for the event too so it makes it super easy if you only have one bill to pay!

  • Which is best – Canapes vs Antipasto Grazing table

    This is like asking us which is our favourite child!

    Antipasto Tables have a wonderful show stopping element to them. They create a wow moment for you and your guests on arrival at your reception venue. There is something to suit everyone’s taste and plenty of food for your guests to nibble at whilst you are having photos taken or mingling with your loved ones. Antipasto tables are also wonderfully social, there is something special about watching your grannie chat with your bestie over an amazing spread (and bonus – makes for some great candid shots from your photographer).

    Our canapes are the most delicious bite sized morsel of yum. They whet the appetite of what is to come and create a sense of excitement and anticipation for your guests. We recommend choosing a minimum of 4 canapes, this gives you the ability to ensure that there is something to everyone’s taste and to give you just enough food to keep people satisfied.

  • Do you have a children’s menu?

    Depending on the food style chosen and the individual child, they may eat from the catering style you chose. However, if you would like something special, then absolutely, we can cater to this. Whether it be fancy fish and chips or a delicious mac n cheese, we can work together to come up with something that suits your smaller guests.

    Children over 12 are charged at the adult per head price.

  • Can you provide food for the next day?

    It would be our pleasure. We often provide a selection of different salads and cold meats perfect for sharing the next day and nursing any sore heads. We can prep these all and leave them in the chiller trailer for you to collect the following morning or we can provide full onsite catering for the following day.

  • Can I bring my own alcohol?

    This is specific to each venue. But if this option is available, we do not charge any corkage. Depending on the alcohol chosen this may require additional wait staff eg cocktail or full sit down service.

  • Do I need a planner?

    So many factors come into this. How much time you have? How complex your dreams are? How long do you have to arrange your event or wedding? What is your tolerance for stress?

    Ultimately comes down to budget and how you allocate your budget.

    Planners can be a wonderful addition to your day, they can alleviate stress, they take care of all the little things on the day. They can take the pressure off in the lead up to your day.

    A different alternative is to use the Moreish Kitchen Styling/Planning Service, this can provide you with the best of both worlds.

  • What if I need to change my event due to COVID-19?

    Safety for you, your guests and our staff is always our number one concern. With these uncertain times we offer the ability to change your event date, whilst at Level 1 we request a minimum of 3 months notice, for Level 2 or above we offer more flexibility, particularly as things have (can) change very fast.

    While our deposit is non-refundable, we will work together to find an alternative date that suits. If you choose to go ahead with reduced numbers, please be advised that the per head cost may change depending on final numbers.

  • Can you cater at venues with no kitchen facilities?

    We sure can. We have a fantastic fully mobile kitchen that we can cater to large numbers from. You would not believe some of the places we have catered from! Our only limitation is that the road needs to be suitable for us to tow the mobile kitchen too.

  • Can we have a tasting?

    We love the flexibility that our mobile kitchen and relationships with local venues provide, but the downside of not having purpose built facilities means that we are unable to provide tastings.

  • What happens to leftovers? Can we keep them?

    Absolutely, it belongs to you, you will need to supply a big stash of containers for us to be able to package it up for you. They don’t have to be anything fancy, but they do need to have a good tight fitting lids, nothing worse than salad dressing spilt through the back of the car (don’t ask me how I know!.

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